What is a Throw Blanket: A Complete Guide to Throw Blankets

Although humans have used large swathes or fabrics to keep warm throughout time, the term "blanket" wasn't coined until the 1300s in the beginning. A Flemish weaver called Thomas Blanquette developed the pattern we see today. His method of weaving napped wool led to the creation of the Blanket fabric.

The blanket has evolved into an elegant and practical accessory that everyone in their home requires. They are available in a variety in sizes, colors and designs. With so many great choices available it can be somewhat difficult.

Throw blankets, specifically are a frequent reason for confusion. Is it really a throw-on blanket? What does it differ from bedding? Let’s learn more about it here.

What are Throw Blankets?

They are easy to differentiate from regular sheets and duvets. Throw blankets can be used in a variety of ways. They are a great choice for aesthetics as well as practicality. Though all blankets serve the same functions, throws can be used in a variety of ways. They are often employed as the most beautiful pieces of furniture as well as bedroom decoration.

Generally speaking, throw blankets are generally smaller than the sheets you have within your room. Standard sleeping blankets are suitable for the dimensions of your mattress. They ensure that you're completely covered from head to foot. Throw blankets are ideal to wrap around your body when you're looking to relax. The most comfortable blankets are always comfortable and fashionable!

It is also possible to identify the throw blanket by its style alone. A lot of options feature unique designs, vibrant colors, and fun borders. This is because the blankets are intended to be noticed.

From a practical perspective Throw blankets aren't suitable to be used as bedding. They're generally too small. They're also not capable of giving the mental and physical benefits you need to enjoy the rest you need similar to other blankets.

As an alternative, a throw blanket can provide warmth and ease. It is a great way to curl up on your sofa while watching TV. You can also get an extra bit of coverage when you're out going about your home.


Properties of Throw Blankets

The greatest aspect of throw blankets is that you do not have to use them in a particular way. Unlike winter blankets they can be used the entire year. They're lightweight enough for you to stay cool during the summer, and lightweight enough that you can layer them once the temperature dips.

All in the title. You can throw these blankets in your lap while you're enjoying a relaxing time or require some extra protection from cold outside and inside your house. It is also possible to save them in case you need to feel at home. 

  • Flexible Decor

Throw blankets are often employed as part of the interior of homes. Because of their compact size and unique design they are wonderful accent pieces in any space. Designers make use of throws to add a splash of color or a unique texture to a boring space.

They are especially helpful for when you're looking to switch things up, but not break the budget. Throws are available in any shade and design you can imagine. Combine a beautiful throw with neutral décor to brighten any room.


For bedrooms, you could make use of throws as bed runners. In the living space it is possible to drape it over your sofa or chair to create a visual impact. If you buy tapestry throws then you could place it up on the wall.

  • Protection from children and Pets

When you've got children and pets in the house, a throw can assist in keeping your furniture clean. Let's face it nobody would like to clean up messes and fur on their sofa. Throws act as physical barriers to keep your furniture clean and secured.

They're an attractive alternative to protectors or cushion covers. They also don't diminish the pleasure. They'll actually help make furniture comfortable to use.

  • Throw Blankets Sizes

As we've mentioned before, the major difference between throws and other kinds of blankets is size. They are significantly smaller than bed sheets because they are used in the house throughout the year. However, you can get bigger throws that will meet your requirements.

The typical is the 50-inch by-60 inches. This is the perfect size for the majority of people. If you're sitting down, this size is perfect to wrap your legs in. If you have for the blanket to be wrapped around shoulders the blanket will not drag on the floor.

These are the dimensions that many manufacturers use. However, fringe or border details can increase the size by a couple of inches. Also, you can find throws that are bigger if you need greater coverage.


There are throws as big at 90"x100". That are available. They are large enough to cover a size mattress for a queen. The benefit of having a throw of this size is that it covers two people at a time.

Common Throw Blanket Materials 

Throws come in a variety of types of materials. The type of fabric is what determines the blanket's ability to warm and its capacity to hold heat and. Here are some of the most popular materials that are used.

  • Fleece

Throws made of fleece are among the most sought-after. It's light enough to be used all through the year. It's constructed of synthetic fibers which helps make it cost-effective.

If you're looking for quality of comfort, fleece is the top choice. It's extremely comfortable when applied to your skin. Due to its synthetic nature it's also ideal for those suffering from allergies.

  • Cotton

It is a natural substance that can be used in many different ways. When woven in a traditional way throw, cotton offers numerous advantages. One of the most important is breathability.

It doesn't suffocate air. Instead, it offers cooling to keep your body cool. Throw blankets are also constructed from a variety of fabric made of cotton like Velour and chambray.

The cotton fibers that come from the plant are soft, breathable and durable fabric. Even after numerous washes. This fabric doesn't hold in air, so that you'll remain at in a pleasant temperature throughout the night. The majority of people opt for cotton throw blankets due to the fact that it is strong, long-lasting and simple to keep clean.

  • Cashmere

This fabric is derived from Cashmere goats that are bred in different parts around the world, including Tibet, India, and Pakistan. Cashmere is soft in texture, durable lightweight, extremely soft, and offers an excellent insulation. Cashmere that is of the highest quality and pure throws are generally more luxurious than other woolen sheep due to the fact that it's finer and warmer that gives the material more comfort. Because of its amazing insulation, cashmere makes an excellent choice for bedding during the colder winter nights.

Cashmere throws are ideal for winter. It's a natural fabric that is made directly from goat wool. Wool is weaved into long fibers which transform into fabric.

The material is extremely insulation. It keeps your body heat from going out and keeps cold air from getting inside. This is why you can use it to provide extra warmth in your home.


  • Microfiber

The material is known for its strength, microfiber is an excellent material for throws. It is soft and has the characteristic of a tightly woven. If draped over a sofa the microfiber throws will stop any liquid spilled from passing through.

  • Faux Fur

Prior to the invention of textiles humans, fur was used to keep warm. Faux fur is an excellent alternative that is animal-friendly. It is made from polyester fibers.

Blankets with this material add a luxurious design to your home. For the comfort factor, these throws have excellent insulation. The dense fibers hold the heat beneath to keep your body warm.

  • Berber Fleece

Berber fleece is fabric that is lightweight warm, soft, and warm. It is composed of synthetic fibers and is often called fur due to the higher insulation provided by the extremely soft, curled texture. Because throws and blankets are typically on the thicker end, Berber fleece is an excellent choice for climates that are colder. The blanket is also well-known to have a better temperature to weight ratio when compared to other blankets and throws for bed.

  • Micro Plush/Microlight 

This fabric is extremely soft with no pilling and is thick. They can be used on their own as a throw, or be layered with a comforter or quilt the coverlet. Micro plush blankets are extremely comfortable and can be affordable for anyone with a budget.

  • Down

Down fabric is packed with duck or goose feathers that make the blanket extremely thick and soft and is the best insulation and also breathable, which helps keep your body cool during the summer months and warm in winter. If you're looking for a top quality fabric that's highly well-insulated, you should consider an insulated down blanket, or throw. Since it is comprised of goose feathers, it's not the ideal choice for those suffering from allergies.

  • Down Alternative 

This is an excellent alternative to genuine down since it's made of synthetic fiber, making it hypoallergenic and suitable for people with allergies. Down-alternative blankets and throws are also much less expensive than genuine down making them a great alternative for those with a tight budget. But, remember that this throw won't be as warm like traditional down blankets.

  • Electric blanket

Electric blankets are made from synthetic fibers and includes an adjustable thermostat and an element of heating running through the throw. This allows the user to set the desired temperature. Electric blankets are very comfortable and can be adjusted to suit any kind of temperature. Electric blankets are available with a variety of styles and colors depending on what you like.

  • Alternative Mink

This material is gorgeous fur-like material made of synthetic fibers that mimic the soft and silky texture of fur. Alternate or faux mink bedding throws retain a the look of luxury, however they aren't as costly other premium materials. If you're in the market for a striking faux-fur throw think about opting for one that has alternative mink.

Throw Blanket Colors and Styles

If you like subtle tones or vibrant designs, you'll not find it difficult to locate the perfect throw to suit your needs. As we mentioned earlier the use of throws is often to decorate. This means that there are many design options than for traditional blankets.

The blankets we use for our everyday lives serve a single purpose, therefore they do not need to be extravagant or distinctive. Throws are typically used in the regular areas of the house to add accents. So, manufacturers have designs and colors that pop.

  • Trendy Patterns

A lot of throws feature bright patterns that aren't usually seen in throws. You can use these patterns to add some flair to your bedding and furniture. A throw that is patterned on an unassuming piece of furniture is an excellent option to create visual excitement. It's all without making a huge commitment.


  • Throw blanket in plaid pattern

One of the most sought-after patterns you can find are stripes and plaid. Both are distinctive enough to be distinctive. However, they're neither excessive.

The more adventurous options are readily accessible, too. There are many throws available that incorporate floral designs, checkered squares, contemporary designs, and much more.

  • Complimentary Colors

When it comes to selecting colors, the options are limitless. The majority of interior designers select hues that match other elements of the space. For instance, you can color match your throw blanket with the colors of windowsills or wall art.

You can also pick hues that convey a particular sensation. Designers make use of blue hues to convey a sense of peace. Colors that are bright like yellow symbolize the energy.

  • Unique Textures

Another important design element is the texture. A lot of throw blankets mix different weaves. These include loose yarns, quilted stitches and embroidery.

A distinctive border around the edges of the blanket can add the appearance of a rug. Lace, crochet or fringe are both well-liked options.

How to use a Throw Blanket

The most appealing aspect of throwing is the versatility they offer! When you're trying to style the throws you have, there's not a standard way to style them therefore you are free to be creative and set it up in various areas of your home, as you'd like.

They're an excellent option to provide a quick accent of style to your most loved spaces and can create a warm and inviting environment. Are you looking for some inspiration? Here are a few easy ways you can make use of the throw you have today

  • Drape it over a Sofa

A very sought-after methods that people use to decorate their throws is to drape it over their couch or sofa. It's an excellent method to add some additional flair to your seating space. You can also mix and match your throw to the cushions on your sofa. You can opt to hang it over the back of your couch or simply fold it in half and put it on the back of your sofa to create a clean and elegant design.


  • Fold it over the end of a Bed

Another method to utilize your throw is to place it over your bedroom. If you're a person who likes to change the bedding to different seasons or in accordance with your mood it is the perfect way to spice up your décor. You can place your throw on bedding's top or fold it up and experiment with setting it up in various angles to create a warm and stylish atmosphere.

  • Put it on a Chair

Another method to utilize your throw is to drape the throw over chairs, particularly when your chair's back is exposed which means that you'll be able to showcase the entire throw. The only thing you'll have be able to fold your throw into two pieces, either one or two times (depending on the dimension) and then place the throw on top of your chair to bring an enjoyment for your space. If you're looking to go that extra mile and change things up even more than that, you can opt to pick an item with Tassels around the corners since draping them across your chair is the most effective way to showcase them!

Four Reasons You Should Have a Throw Blanket

  • Keep Warm

The throw blanket brings back the past when blankets were used for keeping us warm and warm. These days, we put blankets on our air conditioners and furnaces. Sometimes, we even have wood stoves or fireplaces in the winter when it's freezing. However, there's something appealing when you wrap yourself in a warm extravagant throw blanket. Some people suggest that blankets can reduce costs for heating by providing extra warmth.

  • Easy to Move Around

They are less bulky than blankets. They're mostly used for as decorative items. Throw blankets are ideal for decorating your bedroom as well as other rooms of your home. They are easy to move about at any time. The blanket shouldn't cause any problems if you shift it from one location to another. It can be used as a bed spread or an oversized quilt for covering your body.


  • Decorate your interior with stunning design

The blankets look stunning and usually feature some of the most popular logos and symbols. Each blanket has a textured surface that is perfect for draped over chairs, couches and beds. Throws for decorative purposes may have neutral colors however they are able to create a striking design striking with distinctive designs or patterns on their fabrics. The more vibrant patterns on throws make them stand out as stunning accents for your room design. Colorful and lively accents add an energy and vivacity wherever they go. If you place them over a wall artwork or hang them on furniture, they're sure to draw attention regardless of where you place them!

  • Secure Furniture

Do you know that throw blankets were originally made specifically for horses? They were known as horse blankets. These covers are not just intended to keep you warm, but also to shield from rain and wind. Nowadays they are utilized to shield your sofa. Similar to an area rug the throw blanket is a great cover that shields furniture from damage like staining and scratches. The concept behind its protective function is to allow you to place it on top of your favorite sofa or chair without having to worry about scratches or spills ruining the furniture.

How to Clean a Throw Blanket

Washing guidelines for the throw blanket is usually quite simple, but it is dependent on the type of material you are using. Be sure to read the directions of the manufacturer for correctly wash your throw in order to prolong the life of your throw blanket.

Certain blankets are more specific and will require hand washing or dry cleaning however, others could be just as easy as placing it in your machine to wash, like this Luxurious Faux Fur Throw Blanket. Just throw it into the washing machine with an easy cycle, and then leave it to dry in the air!

Throw blankets are able to serve multiple reasons in the home. It could be for an elegant look in your living area or for a cozy spot to watch a film with your loved one a throw blanket is a crucial accessory to the design and functionality of your home. You can easily find the ideal blanket because they come in many designs and materials that will meet your requirements.

What is a fleece blanket?

Fleece blankets are usually made of Polyester. Polyester fleece is a fuzzy, soft fabric often used for throw blankets, sweaters, jackets, mittens, hats, and other applications where a warm material is needed. It was popular for outdoor gear in the early 1990s since people found it warmer and lighter weight than wool. Then Polyester fleece became more and more popular and has found more specialized uses. Until now, Polyester fleece has been a very important fabric in the world and has been used to make astronauts’ underwear and in deep-sea diving suits.


The most popular kinds blankets made of fleece are:

  • Flannel blanket 

Flannel blankets are made from flannel which is a kind of polyester-based fabric. They are fade-resistant, anti-fade resistant, wrinkle-free, anti-pilling and do not shed. Additionally, they have excellent elasticity to maintain their shape over time. They also will stain more easily than other fabrics such as the blanket made of cotton. It's a warm fleece blanket.


  • Polar fleece blankets 

A blanket created out of Polar fleece. Polar fleece is an insulating, soft napped fabric made of Polyester. How do you create a polar fleece blanket? The most notable characteristic is its hydrophobic nature. It can contain less than one percent from its mass in water. Even in a humid environment, it will keep a lot of its insulation quality. Additionally, the polar fleece fabric is washable and will dry rapidly.

  • Sherpa fleece blanket

The little fleece blankets are constructed from Sherpa fleece. The raw material is made of polyester. It's a type that is made from stretch-knit polyester fabric. Sherpa fleece comes with two distinct sides. Therefore, the Sherpa blankets feature one side that is smooth knit and an additional side that has the appearance of the real sheep's fleece.

Coral fleece blanket It is comparable to the blanket made of polar fleece, but it is much thicker and has a greater "pile" than the polar fleece blanket. It is essential to trim the edges of the coral fleece as the coral sheds at the edges due to its rough texture. Additionally, it is known to stretch more than other fleece throw fabrics.

Principal characteristics for fleece blankets

    1. Constructed of fleece, blankets made of fleece are soft enough that they will keep us warm during frigid weather as they take in the heat of our bodies well , allowing us to hold our body's heat closer to us, and allow heat go out more slowly.

    2. It is lightweight because the fleece weighs less than wool. This makes fleece blankets ideal for all-year-round warmth and comfort.

    3. It is true that there are people who are sensitive or allergic to wool. Therefore, fleece is an ideal alternative for those who require blankets that are cozy and soft enough.

    4. Fleece blankets are priced at a cheap price compared with wool blankets because wool blankets are expensive. If you are looking for throw blankets to be that can be used on the sofa, in cars, and for travel and other vehicles, a less expensive fleece blanket will suffice and will give you the perfect warm and soft. If you are in need of blankets in bulk to promote your business or company, it will be better to select fleece blankets.

    5. Simple care Fabrics made of fleece can be machine washed and won't shrink. The recommended method of washing is machine washes the blankets using cold water in delicate or gentle cycle. Dry them on a low temperature. Don't bleach.

Where to Get a Throw Blanket

When you’re shopping for a throw blanket it’s tempting to hop on Amazon, but resist that urge. A throw blanket can be a unique gift when it’s not a generic, mass-produced product. Plus, supporting Australian businesses is always a good thing.


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